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Rapidly Trending Topics, Insights, and Analysis: Compression Boots

Compression boots are inflatable sleeves that squeeze the legs. The product is designed to accelerate recovery after intense physical activity.

Specifically, compression boots provide targeted pressure, which increases blood flow and relieves muscle soreness.

While compression boots have been popular among athletes for years, they were prohibitively expensive for most consumers (usually costing $600+).

But several startups have started to release more affordable compression boots, leading to surging interest in this product category.

For example, Quinear is a trending startup that sells compression boots DTC (searches for “Quinear” have increased by 3x over the last two years).

And a popular pair of compression boots generates approximately $14.6K/day on Amazon.

Rapidly Trending Topics, Insights, and Analysis: Compression Boots

What’s Next

Compression boots are part of the Compression Wearables meta trend.

Recovery sleeves are another example of a trending wearable compression product (searches for “recovery sleeves” have increased by 83% in the last 24 months).

Compression knee sleeves, compression shoulder braces and compression ankle braces are also showing signs of long-term trend growth.