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Rapidly Trending Topics, Insights, and Analysis: DAO Analytics

DAO analytics aggregates information on various decentralized autonomous organizations. In addition to surface-level data like the number of token holders, active members, proposals and votes, these platforms also provide more detailed data like:

  • Top stakeholders
  • Treasury activity (currency mix, treasury level over time, etc.)
  • Members part of multiple DAOs

One trending DAO analytics startup is DeepDAO (searches for “DeepDAO” have increased 200% in the last 24 months).

According to the company, their platform “is to DAOs what CoinMarketCap is to tokens”.

The platform currently has data on over 11,000 DAOs.

Rapidly Trending Topics, Insights, and Analysis: DAO Analytics

What’s Next

DAO analytics is part of the DAO Tools meta trend.

Searches for “DAO tools” have increased 3x over the last 24 months.

DAOs have around $13.7B in collective treasury funds.

The increasing number of DAOs (and funds held in DAOs) has led to demand for tools to support this growth.

DAO tracking and Daohaus are examples of trending DAO tools.

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