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Rapidly Trending Topics, Insights, and Analysis: Data Quality Platform

A data quality platform is a tool that enhances the accuracy, completeness and relevance of data. Data professionals spend around 40% of their time checking data quality.

Notably, 58% of data professionals claim the number of data quality incidents within their organization has increased compared to last year.

Which is driving demand for new data quality platforms.

Cloudingo and Planhat are two examples of trending data quality platform startups.

Rapidly Trending Topics, Insights, and Analysis: Data Quality Platform

What’s Next

Data quality platforms are part of the AnalyticsOps meta trend.

Up to 73% of an organization’s data goes unused.

AnalyticsOps (analytics operations) is a data management framework that allows businesses to better manage and optimize their complex data systems.

Some industry experts estimate that around 35% of companies will adopt an AnalyticsOps strategy by 2024.

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