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Rapidly Trending Topics, Insights, and Analysis: Pet Anxiety Bed

Pet anxiety beds are designed to mimic an animal’s mother’s fur. This provides pets with a sense of security, which induces a natural relaxation effect. Increasing demand for pet anxiety beds is mainly via DTC pet startups.

In fact, one DTC startup’s pet anxiety bed generates approximately $19K/day on Amazon alone.

Pet Anxiety Bed - Rapidly Trending Topics, Insights, and AnalysisBeard Growth KitPet Anxiety Bed

What’s Next

Pet anxiety beds are part of the Pet Health Accessories meta trend.

While pet medications currently make up the largest share of the $40B pet health market, natural health accessories are growing quickly.

Here are examples of trending pet health accessories:

  • Slow feeder bowls have a series of holes, walls, and shapes that slow down the eating process and thus, reduce the risk of bloating and choking.
  • Smart dog collars can track various metrics and inform owners when these indicators change.
  • Elevated bowls are feeding bowls that are elevated off the ground. They help release pressure off a pet’s neck when eating or drinking.